Wisdom Series: In conversation with Dr Sunila Prasad

Wisdom Series: In conversation with Dr Sunila Prasad

Dr Sunila Prasad | @drsunilaprasad

In our Wisdom series, we explore Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic wisdom from practitioners we love. We invite them to share their area of expertise and how it relates to healthy skin, from the inside out.

Very excited this time to present the fantastic Dr Sunila Prasad, a licensed acupuncturist based out of London. 


How has TCM impacted your life?

Coming from a background as a Paediatric doctor, I am now fortunate enough to hold both Western and TCM perspectives on healthcare. To be able to see patients from both lenses has revolutionised my understanding of how we view our health. TCM has also brought a new sense of balance in my life which I never thought was possible previously!


What one piece of advice you always give to your clients?

You are your best advocate and any practitioner you engage with should fully embrace that. It’s so important to trust to your gut instincts when it comes to your health. No matter who the practitioner is, you should never feel dictated to or dismissed- your voice and opinion counts. (Also, stop apologising for not shaving your legs for treatments!) 


What are your tips to start incorporating TCM into daily life?

Try to stay warm, especially in chilly weather. Cold, whether it’s the climate or internally with food and drink impedes the smooth flow of Qi that is essential for good health in TCM. In particular, keeping the feet, abdomen and neck warm are ideal. 

Aim to have your evening meal as the lightest meal of the day. Our bodies need as much Qi as possible at night to rest and repair, and having a heavy meal diverts a lot of Qi to your digestive system at night.

Staying hydrated is important but what you drink is as important as how much you drink. Consider swapping out a glass of water for a herbal tea. Not only are you getting warmth but you’ll receive the energetic benefits of that tea, instead of just plain water.


What do you love about TCM?

I love that TCM cherishes the mind-body-soul connection. The fact that emotions are seen as causes of disease makes so much sense, yet is severely underestimated in the Western healthcare paradigm. 

TCM views health like a tree, with deep roots that cause ill health and branches that show up as symptoms. It gives a person the opportunity to be seen as so much more than a label from a diagnosis. Individuality is celebrated, and with TCM, truly no one size fits all. 


Tell us about your Yan-Yee experience?

Yan-Yee is one of the most recommended products in my clinic. I use it in my facial acupuncture treatments but also recommend it for patients experiencing eczema or a persistent rash. It has an instant calming effect but also reduces redness, and truly champions TCM ingredients!

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