Sudocrem Ingredients And Eczema: Yes Or No?


We know we know, you’ve probably tried 101 different skincare products by now. 

That nasty patch of eczema behind your knee is resilient though and just will not listen to your GO AWAY screams 10 times a day.  

Then Bob from next door pops round and suggests sudocrem thinking he’s doing you a favour.  Three things pop into your head: 

1) Damn I didn’t realise that product still existed

2) Isn’t it for the elderly?

3) Ok don’t be mean...thanks Bob...what are sudocrem’s ingredients? 

We hear you! 

It’s an option that many eczema sufferers don’t consider but can be a viable treatment go to. 

In this article, you’ll find:

1) What is eczema? (Just briefly) 

2) What are sudocrem ingredients and how they might help

3) Alternative treatment options 


First up...What is eczema? 

Eczema is a common, chronic, non-infectious skin condition. 

It causes inflammation of the skin, itchiness and dry patches that can become cracked and fissured. 

Flare ups often occur at random and can be particularly stressful and emotionally draining for those suffering.  

What are sudocrem ingredients and how might they help? 

The big hitters: 


Lanolin is an emollient derived from oil secreted by sheep to condition their wool. It has been used since Greek times and is great at trapping in moisture to help fight against dry and inflamed skin. 

Key benefits - 

Lightweight - doesn’t smother the skin and lets it breathe without feeling too heavy or occlusive. 

Healing - Its emollient properties are great at helping to heal aggravated dry patches by forming an oil layer on top of the skin. 

Point to note: Lanolin is a wool derived product and sometimes a common allergen, so if you’re allergic to said ingredient - make sure to stay away.

Zinc Oxide

Key benefits - 

Inflammation relief - Zinc oxide has been found to facilitate the growth of new tissue, heal skin and reduce inflammation - making it a great match for eczema. 

Alternative treatment options 

Ok we know this is a blog about sudocrem, but aren’t you curious if there are even better options out there?

Of course you are! 

Introducing our very own calming spray :) 

Enriched with a blend of 3 traditional Chinese herbs used for 1000’s of years in Asian medicine, our soothing formula is specifically designed to target the symptoms of allergy-prone skin. 

Extremely effective at stopping the need to itch as well as restoring moisture to damaged skin, it’s your perfect sidekick when that pain-in-the-butt flare up rears its head again. 

Final word 

So there we have it - sudocrem ingredients and why they might be of benefit to your skin + alternative options. 

What have we missed? Jump over to our Twitter page and let us know! 

With care, 

The yan-yee team


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