Wisdom Series: In conversation with Gemma David

Wisdom Series: In conversation with Gemma David


Gemma David | @thequietheart

In our Wisdom series, we explore Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic wisdom from practitioners we love. We invite them to share their area of expertise and how it relates to healthy skin, from the inside out.

Gemma David is a wellbeing practitioner, mental health and emotional awareness trainer and facilitator, acupuncturist, yoga and meditation teacher, speaker and writer.  She owns and manages a thriving private practice in Bristol and works in schools, universities, businesses and charities all over the UK.

She shares how TCM has impacted her life, and gives her top tips to start incorporating it into yours.


How has TCM impacted your life?

This wonderful system has fundamentally changed my life; from my own experiences as a patient to training as a practitioner 16 years ago the simple practices of aligning my body with the rhythms of the natural world are now so ingrained, I can’t imagine life any other way.

I use movement and breath within the practice of Qi Gong and acupressure, self-acupuncture alongside the wisdom of food energetics to support my nervous system/whole body in relation to the energy of each season of the year. It’s been particularly helpful for me with hormones (endocrine system), conception, fertility and post-partum as well as supporting me through a divorce, peri menopause and an early menopause.

What’s one piece of advice you always give to your clients?

It’s never just one, mainly I like to remind each person of their uniqueness, that their body has innate wisdom when it comes to what they need, to avoid the trends and ‘shoulds’ in the wellbeing world, and that small moments of self-compassion are accessible and comforting in times of need.

What are your tips to start incorporating TCM into daily life?

🌱 Start with small moments of becoming aware of your environment. The simple practice of observing or naming the things that you see, smell, hear or can touch can have a profound effect on your nervous system as well as connecting you with the general energy of the season.

🌱 Use a small self-acupressure routine depending on your needs - combine your own rhythm and that of the season.Why do you love TCM?

🌱 A movement practice of Qi Gong is brilliant for combining your breath with the movement and energy of your body and the season (this is great if you struggle with meditation).

🌱 Small moments are the accessible way to connect with your whole self in a busy world. Nobody needs to add ‘self-care’ to their to do list so little practices that can be done maybe on a walk to work, during a lunch break or between tasks or chores are a good place to start and will have a profound impact on your health.  

Why do you love TCM?

Mainly, because within this system, humans are seen as unique and whole. The practice supports wellness and balance through examining root causes alongside lifestyle rather than treating symptoms in isolation.

Tell us about your Yan Yee experience?

I found the spray wonderful for dry skin, and have also recommended it to my patients (and friends) who suffer with skin conditions, especially eczema.

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