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Gorgeous Goji

Restore and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out ✨


Introducing Gorgeous Goji, a health-focused herbal tea blend crafted for wellness and inspired by ancient ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Combining delicate floral notes with a touch of sweetness, this gut-friendly fusion works from within to deeply soothe and hydrate your skin. 

Handpicked from the Fujian Province in China, our precise balance of five natural herbs works to remove excess heat, relieve dampness and gradually restore your skin barrier. 

Note: All herbs undergo extensive testing for heavy metals, pesticides and purity, to ensure the highest quality blends. 


Natural soothing and hydrating properties work to restore balance and harmony to your skin.

Also suitable for sensitive skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, itching or irritation.

TCM practitioner approved.

Flavour Profile

Flowery, sweet, subtle. 100% Natural, 0% added sugar.

How to use

Brew 2 cups daily and enjoy the delicious taste while nourishing your skin from within.


Goji Berry, Longan, Wild Chrysanthemum, Poria Mushroom, Snow Mushroom

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    Gorgeous Goji
    Gorgeous Goji
    Gorgeous Goji
    Gorgeous Goji

    Experience the harmony of ancient wisdom and modern skincare

    We've brought drinkable skincare back to its origins, embracing its rich heritage. Say goodbye to processed drinks with unnecessary additives and savour a soothing herbal tea infused with the essential vitamins and minerals your skin craves to look its best.

    Goji berry

    Can reduce signs of aging and help your skin to retain moisture.

    Snow mushroom

    Can help to promote collagen production and restore your skin barrier.


    High anti-oxidant content can help to fight free radicals and reduce fine lines.

    Poria mushroom

    Anti-inflammatory nature helps to soothe skin redness and irritation.

    Wild chrysanthemum

    Helps to reduce blemishes and ease skin itching.