We take an East-meets-West approach to everything we do. Our formulations are a carefully selected blend of ancient Chinese healing herbs and Western skincare ingredients backed by science.

How it all started

Hi! I’m Michelle, co-founder of Yan-Yee.

I’ve had eczema for as long as I can remember. After decades of using steroids (both creams & oral medicine), I realised I wasn’t seeing any improvements in my skin or body. In fact, like many others who have gone through the painful process of Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), the solutions that I had long relied on no longer seemed safe or sustainable.

In 2019 I was in Hong Kong to visit family and my uncle, a qualified Qi Gong and Reiki practitioner, recommended Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat my eczema. In only a short period, I saw a drastic improvement in the quality of my skin. This opened my eyes to a whole new world of ancient skincare ingredients used to relieve the symptoms of chronic skin conditions.

After two years of hard work, Yan-Yee Skincare was born. From that day on, my husband and I went down a rabbit hole to create Yan-Yee, a brand that believes in modernising Traditional Chinese Medicine for eczema-prone skin.

Life with a chronic skin condition can be a rollercoaster. Yan-Yee is here to shift the narrative away from damaging quick-fix promises, returning you to healthier skin through TCM philosophy.

About TCM

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat a range of skin conditions. Looking to the past at this ancient practice and using the very best herbs and roots is the missing link in modern-day skincare.

At Yan-Yee we're taking time-tested healing herbs, and modernising them in a special formulation that helps calm inflammation and nourish a damaged skin barrier. Our customers can use our products, knowing it is a safe and natural way to heal their skin, without the side effects.