Wisdom Series: In conversation with Bethany Allen

Wisdom Series: In conversation with Bethany Allen

Bethany Allen | @acupuncture_bybethany

In our Wisdom series, we explore Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic wisdom from practitioners we love. We invite them to share their area of expertise and how it relates to healthy skin, from the inside out.

Bethany is a Chinese Medicine acupuncturist who found her life transformed by TCM. From changing eating habits to embracing natural skincare, she's all about that holistic life. Bethany loves how TCM fills in the gaps left by Western medicine, helping clients truly understand and tackle their health.


How has TCM impacted your life?

When I first started my degree in Chinese medicine 4 years ago now, the students/graduates would always say “this medicine changed my life”.

As cliche as it is, I never thought I’d be saying the same thing this very day. My eating habits, lifestyle, even the products I now use have changed for the better.

Everything you learn in the western world is completely turned upside down when you learn TCM.

For example, introducing warm foods before 9am to help nourish the Stomach (rather than cold smoothies, salads, fasting), using natural/vegan/non toxic skincare that is only made up of ingredients from the earth, being more in tune with my body and knowing how to help them without the need for prescribed medication.

What are your tips to start incorporating TCM into daily life?

🧊 Don’t eat too many cold foods
🍲 Try to eat at regular times and not late at night
❌ If it burns your skin, you should probably stop using it
🧴 Less is more when it comes to skincare
✨ Gua sha and acupuncture are great preventative treatments for skin, body and mind

Why do you love TCM?

I love TCM as it fills gaps that western medicine sometimes can’t.

I’ve had clients who have been to their doctors and can’t get answers as to why they’re feeling the way they do. Through TCM, I help my clients to understand why they are experience their symptoms and how to change this. Seeing a huge shift after a few sessions is one of the most rewarding things about my job. I have changed peoples lives, that’s an amazing feeling!

TCM also helped me when I had severe acne, which I am forever grateful for. I’ve also been able to help family, friends and wonderful clients heal naturally without having to be on long term medications which gives me a huge sense of achievement.

Tell us about your Yan Yee experience

I used Mugwort Mist after facial acupuncture on myself, I noticed the redness calmed a lot quicker than when I don’t use the spray.

I love how light the product feels on your face, the packaging, TCM ingredients and vibe of this brand. I can’t wait for more products! 🧡

What are your top tips for healthy glowy skin?

LESS IS MORE!! I am a huge believer in the more you put on your skin, the more likely you are of irritation therefore, the less your skin will absorb. Working in a dermatology clinic in the NHS alongside my acupuncture job, as you can imagine, can be very conflicting for me!

However, I love the saying ‘if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your face’ 😆 it’s as simple as that! There are so so so many skincare brands now that use only natural ingredients, including brands that are based on TCM (which I am obsessed with - this includes Yan Yee 🧡)

Alongside these natural products, the best skincare you’re going to have is maintaining a healthy gut. If you don’t have a healthy, nutrition filled diet, you’re more than likely going to struggle with your skin. See a TCM acupuncturist who can help guide you through this!

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