Wisdom Series: In conversation with Maudie Evitt

Wisdom Series: In conversation with Maudie Evitt


Maudie Evitt | Acupuncture, holistic health & wellness

We're excited to begin our Wisdom series, where we explore Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic wisdom from practitioners we love. We invite them to share their area of expertise and how it relates to healthy skin, from the inside out.

Maudie shares how TCM has impacted her life, and gives her top tips to start incorporating it into yours.


How has TCM impacted your life?

As a TCM/5 Element practitioner I've been lucky enough to have Chinese medicine impact my life both personally and professionally. Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine have changed my health beyond recognition - specifically with my hormonal health and mental health. Professionally speaking I have been privileged to witness life changing moments due to the relationship between the individual and medicine. 

What’s one piece of advice you always give to your clients?

Find a way of building a connection with your intuition. This is essential to forming a strong bond with your being; in order to heal, we must at first establish internal communication. You will receive feedback from your mind and body constantly, so forming this connection will give you a baseline of who you are and then, in turn, what makes you feel good. 

What are your tips to start incorporating TCM into daily life?

- Look into the Chinese Body Clock: this is a system that will show you which organs are at the peak at which time of the day. This is a great way of what I like to call 'Tuning In' drawing a connection between the energetics of an Organ, and how you feel at that particular time can give you an insight into whether there is disharmony. 

- Eat and live seasonally: going against the natural flow of the seasons causes illness and dysfunction. If we live in harmony with nature by eating foods only available in that season, and eating indigenously we can regulate our body's natural state of being. 

- Learn the 5 Elements and how they show themselves in your emotional world, this will give you a framework and deeper understanding on how all is connected. 

Why do you love TCM?

I love how old it is, how steeped in generations and generations of wisdom it is. Chinese Medicine has the ability to blend together absolute practicality and evidence based healing, with Spirit, nature and connection at its core. I love that it requires commitment and trust; first and foremost to yourself, then to the medicine and your practitioner. It requires you to step into the unknown to become reconnected to the known within you. Despite its magic results, its rooted in thousands of years of collated and developed data. Awe inspiring!

Tell us about your Yan Yee experience?

Having had a bout of uncharacteristically dry skin through the Winter, I have been using Yan Yee 3-4 times per week after I've showered, before I have oiled my face to create both a soothing layer to my skin and a boundary to the cold weather. My skin no longer feels dry and tight, but calmed and smooth. 

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